How does it work exactly?

Getting to know you before we meet is super important to me.

Not only to understand your brand but also to establish trust and connection, destroy fears and doubts so
that you can really relax during our shoot, and totally forget about the camera.

My process is the key to get there.

There will be Questions –
And a Beautiful Workbook

In order to help you best, I need to know a lot about you and your business.

I want to get a real feel for it.

I want to know who you are, learn about your brand, your mission and values and your big “Why”. 

What are the types of clients you love to work with, what are the results you get with them. 

It is a vital step in the process.

It helps me to understand you, your business, your audience and the type of images that will attract them.

I need to fully “get you”.

My beautiful brand photography workbook will be a great help for you. It will offer you insights that will lead to lightbulb moments!
It will also give me the foundations to design the perfect shoot for you.

Let’s Get Creative –
Shoot Planning Stage

Shoot planning is so much fun and will get the creative juices flowing. 

We will meet for a pre-shoot planning session via Zoom, where we go through your workbook and start designing your brand shoot in detail. 

Here we will discuss props, outfits, locations, the stories you want to tell and specific shots we want to achieve. 

Based on that, I will create a game plan for your brand shoot so that we have a guideline when we finally meet and get shooting.

Let’s meet and have Fun –
Your Photoshoot

This will be exciting, as we get to meet finally in person.

No worries, I will not jump out of my car and point the camera at you! 

We will have a warm up time – possibly a coffee – and go through the shoot plan together before we start putting it all into action.

I promise it will be a fun experience, with loads of laughter while I create wonderful pictures that help you and your business stand out from the crowd to make a difference.

You are not a poser? 

Worry not – I will direct you and the results will be fabulous!

Then I Am Off –
Doing My Final Magic

I will go through all the images with my trained eye and curate your collection.

I will beautifully and skilfully edit your final images one by one.

You will receive stunning on-brand photos that you will be happy and proud to show the world.

I know you will love them and getting yourself out there and being visible will suddenly become wonderfully easy!

And trust me –
Your Audience will notice the Difference,
notice You and Your Brand, and notice how
Amazing You Are.

Ready to find out more?

Then let’s have a chat and talk about you, your business and how my brand photography can help you to level up and reach your goals.